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Aries PDF Print E-mail

MedDF Company Aries Physiotechnology

Electrotherapy, as a method of influence on human muscle and nervous systems with current, has been widely acknowledged for several dozen years. At the time the different types of currents and their diverse influences have been discovered, examined and documented.

Electrotherapy is most frequently used for the treatment of:

  • pain syndromes and neuralgias
  • inflammations
  • dysfunctions of nervous system
  • muscular atrophy
  • paralyses

The Aries unit is designed to treat patients with unipolar and bipolar currents. It offers all of the most frequently used types of currents. Output circuits can work in one of two modes, constant current mode CC (when outputcurrent is stabilized)  or constant voltage mode CV (when output voltage is stabilized). The latter is particularly useful in performing non-stationary treatment techniques and combination therapy with the simultaneous use of ultrasounds and current.

The unit can also be used to perform semi-automatic electrodiagnostics of the nervous-muscular system.

The Aries unit is available in two versions, which differ in the number of channels. The S version is the two-channel unit with all functions and full range of parameters. The M version is the one-channel unit, which has some limitations in generating interferential currents, i.e. only one-channel variant is available.
It also offers fewer standard accessories than the S version. It is not possible to extend the one-channel version (Aries M) to the two-channel version (Aries S).

The chief qualities that set the device apart are sophisticated design, functionality, ergonomics, and the quality of workmanship.



  • TENS
  • interferential (one-channel for Aries M)
  • Kotz/Russian stimulation
  • pulse: rectangular, triangular, Trabert
  • diadynamic
  • galvanic


  • complete control over parameters for advanced users


  • simplification of the unit operation
  • ailment units chosen by name
  • 50 preset programs (30 for Aries M)
  • 20 user-defined programs
  • electrodiagnostics with automatic determination of parameters


  • three programs arranged in one treatment sequence
  • simplification of the unit operation
  • 10 preset sequences (8 for Aries M) chosen by name


Technical Data


  • operation mode: program/manual
  • simultaneous or independent adjustment of current intensity in patient’s circuit in both channels
  • easy-to-read display
  • context information system
  • edition of the names of user-defined programs
  • operation in graphic mode


  • graphic LCD display
  • CC (when output current is stabilized) and CV (when output voltage is stabilized) modes of operation
  • complete galvanic insulation between channels in each mode
  • generating of unipolar currents in interrupted mode
  • sophisticated design of casing and keyboard


Maximum current intensity in patient’s circuit (CC mode):
- interferential, Kotz: 100mA
- TENS: 140mA
- pulse, diadynamic: 60mA
- galvanic: 40mA
Maximum voltage in patient’s circuit (CV mode): 100V
Number of treatment programs: 50
Number of treatment sequences: 10
Treatment timer: max 60min, 1min step
Mains supply: 230V, 50Hz, 40W
Dimensions: 30x23x11cm
Weight: max 3kg



Name Aries S Aries M
patient cable 2 1
reusable rubber electrodes 12x6cm 2 2
reusable rubber electrodes 6x6 cm 4 -
viscose electrode covers 12x6cm 4 4
viscose electrode covers 6x6cm 8 -
elastic velcro belts for fastening the electrodes 4 2
user guide and additional documentation 1
spare fuses 2
mains cable 1


  • crocodile clips
  • point electrodes
  • disposable self-adhesive electrodes
  • sand-filled bags
  • bag for the unit and accessories
  • cart

Electrotherapy Has Been Accepted As A Form Of Physiotherapy Practice For Several Dozen Years. Nowadays, Many Different Types Of Currents Are Described.

Low Level Laser Therapy Is Relatively Young Method Of Treatment, As It Is Based On The Most Modern Technologies. The Positive Influence Of Laser Light On Human Body Is Widely Acknowledged. Thus, Low Level Laser Therapy Is Recognized As An Important Part Of Physiotherapy Practice.

The Duoter Plus Unit Is Designed To Perform Both Kinds Of Treatment. It Generates Not Only The Most Popular Currents, But Also Laser Radiation, When Additional Probes Are Being Used. The Unit Can Operate In Two Modes: Manual Or Program Mode. In The First Case, The Users Set All Parameters, And In The Second Case They Use Preset Treatment Programs. Users Can Also Define Their Own Programs, And Even Put Them Into Sequences.

The DuoterPlus Unit Can Also Be Used To Perform Semi-Automatic Diagnostics.



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