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کلیک نماییدحضور مبتکران دنیای فردا در نمایشگاه بین المللی عرب هلثافتتاح شرکت سینا تجهیز البرزFusioMEDXLaseTop EngineeringUnixel RFPolaris2Easy LaseDX 500Expert E-SWTCoolipoHS-300A

کلیک نمایید

استخدام نیرو جهت فروش محصولات تجهیزات پزشکی

افتتاح شرکت سینا تجهیز البرز

افتتاح شرکت سینا تجهیز البرز در شهرک صنعتی بهارستان با حضور نمایندگان مجلس استان البرز


Cryolipolisis, Cavitation and RF tightening


CPL & Nd:YAG Laser for Hair Removal

Top Engineering

NEW Version of IPL with Painless Treatment

Unixel RF

Skin Rejuvenation, Scar & Wrinkle Removal


Pain, Inflammation, Wound Healing And ...

Easy Lase

Laser Assisted Lipolysis, EVLT And Surgery

DX 500

Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine

Expert E-SWT

Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine


Fat Reduction With Cryolipolysis Technology


Skin Surgery & Coagulation

MDF for 15 years, has been Specializing in Fostering and Developing Medical Devices in Middle East. 
MDF was made up by a group of Professional Personnel in different fields of ...
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Always Beside You
Thanks For Choosing MedDF As Your Partner. We Try To Do 5 BEST For Our Clients As Our Mission And Hope To Satisfy You On Cooperation With Us,
But our 5 Best: Laser,IPL,Poost,Nd,Yag,derm,physiotherapy,mdf,mdf-groups,مبتکران,دنیای,فردا,لیزر,پوست

1) Best Quality
2) Best Price
3) Best After sale service
4) Best Training
5) Best Answering
Enjoy Searching Our website, MDF GROUPS

Suggestion Devices
  • Vinushape

    Daeyang Med-South Korea

    Radio Frequency with Multi Functional Combination System

    VinuShape is combination of strong cavitation, RF and SuperPulse Vaccum improves skin tone, body contouring and shape without surgery and ...

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  • High Light Plus

    Top Engineering-Switzerland

    Advanced Dermal System

    High - light Plus is an advanced solution for an established clinic. Its high speed alongside the advanced treatment protocol embedded in the device enable the High - light Plus to provide clients with very good results and a sort treatment time And ...

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  • HS-330 SHR

    Med Apolo-China

    IPL Skin Rejuvenation

    Wavelength: Standard & Optional Spot Size: 12*35mm
    Cooling System: Air & Close Water Circuitlation & Treatment head with semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable And ...

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  • Coolipo Twin

    Daeyang Med-South Korea

    Cryolipolysis System

    CoolipoTwinTM is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis-the breaking down of fat cells-to accomplish fat reduction without damage to other tissues And ...

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  • HS-300A

    Med Apolo-China

    Portable IPL Beauty

    IPL Hair removal and skin rejuvenation, IPL High Energy Outputs, high effective beauty equipment, IPL Large spot size, IPL hair removal machine with interchange filters for diffrent treatment item And ...

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